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The 'centre of gravity' concept - too abstract?

Singapore Armed Forces2023
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In this essay, the author discusses the ideas of three military strategists in their analysis of Clausewitz’s Centre of Gravity (COG) concept—the Clausewitzian Traditionalists, the Rejectionists and the Accommodators. Specifically, the author examines the ideas of the Rejectionists as they rejected both the Clausewitzian and modern definitions. The author highlights that the COG concept is not an abstract concept for military planners. He feels that it is the current and future Operating Environments (OE) that make the COG concept such a challenge for modern military planners. His essay is divided into four parts—first, what are the different COG concepts, second, why the COG concept is not an abstract concept, third, the challenges of the current and future OEs and, fourth what are the appropriate levels of military planners for the utilisation of the COG concept.
Singapore, 2023
Monthly, Aug 2023
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