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Membership Registration

Membership Types

There are three membership types - namely MINDEF/SAF, Academic and Non-MINDEF/SAF

  • MINDEF/SAF category comprises SAF Regulars (including Military Domain Expert Scheme), NSFs, and DXOs
  • Academic category refers to SAF lecturers/instructors and students in SAF Schools (e.g. GKSCSC and SAS)
  • Non-MINDEF/SAF category are non-SAF lecturers/instructors, and foreign students in SAF Schools and alumni

  • The Library reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions as appropriate.

    Registration Procedure

    For MINDEF/SAF staff to register as a member, please download the application form in MINDEF intranet and email to via OSN.
    *MINDEF/SAF members will need to provide their consent in the recovery of unpaid fines and charges owing to the Library via deduction from their salary.
    They will be required to indicate acceptance of the following terms upon signing up for library membership:

    “1. I have read and agreed to abide by the library policies, rules and regulation,
    2. I understand and consent to unpaid fines and charges owning to the library being deducted from my pay. ”

    For Academic and Non-MINDEF/SAF, you can register through your course coordinators or your respective library (e.g. RSIS Library).


    Membership Terms and Conditions

  • The library membership grants members access to the use of Library's resources and services.
  • The loans and privileges will depend on the membership types.
  • Membership is suspended if there are overdue items and outstanding charges.
  • Fees and charges will apply for items that are overdue, lost or damaged (refer to Borrowing Privileges for details).
  • For all library transactions, members shall use their UserIDs, issued by the library, in compliance with the Personal Data Protect Act (PDPA) Advisory Guidelines.

  • The Library reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for the library membership.