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Defence psychology

Singapore Armed Forces
Foreword / Permanent Secretary (Defence) -- Foreword / Chief of Defence Force -- Preface / Director, Defence Psychology/Chief Psychologist -- Assessments for Personnel Decisions in MINDEF/SAF / Ms Carolyn Chah Choo Luan, Ms Vanessa Kho Yuru & Ms Grace Yip -- Supporting SAF Operations Through a Psychological Lens / MAJ Nah Jinping, CPT Jack Tan Jie Ze & CPT Justin Ong -- Leadership Development & Organisation Development in MINDEF/SAF / Mr Chua Khim Teck, Mr Tav Jing Xuan & Mr Heng Choon Peng -- Psychological Resilience and Other Factors that Maximise Performance in the SAF / Dr Mark Khei -- Psychotherapy at a Distance: The Allure of Teletherapy / Ms Dorothy Teo, Ms Annabel Koh, Ms Tina Tin & Ms Joanna Ng -- Occupational Health Psychology—Putting Health into Occupational Psychology / LTC(NS) Koh Ta Chuia, Mr Kester Poon & Ms Elaine Soon -- In Pursuit of Safety—The Application of Psychology in Safety Education, Data Analysis and Investigation / Ms Grace Yip, Ms Serene Koh & Ms Alicia Lee -- CONTENTS -- Behind the Scenes of Understanding Perceptions of the Military / Ms Amelia Boey & Ms Camy Chia -- Applying Behavioural Insights in MINDEF/SAF / Ms Chua Jia Rong & Ms Sophia Chua
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Singapore, 2021
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